The Ken Husbands Trio is the explosive combination of three very active players on the Bay Area jazz scene: Ken Husbands on guitar, Aaron Germain on electric and acoustic bass and Otto Huber on drums. They bring their jazz chops to a collection of genre-defying compositions that have been documented on three CDs to date. Their live shows combine original music with interpretations of standards for a refreshing program of tight grooves, kaleidoscopic harmonies and inspired improvisational energy. Described by an enthusiastic fan as “Pat Metheny meets the Meters," the trio has established a unique sound and approach that is rooted in jazz but draws upon influences from around the world.


In 2008 Ken released a CD of original compositions titled Unique Clear Formula, recorded with old friends from Boston, Fernando Huergo and Steve Langone. He formed a trio to perform this music in the Bay Area, with Aaron Germain on bass and Otto Huber on drums. This group has coalesced into a tight-knit unit exploring musical influences from around the world. The repertoire has expanded to include new compositions and updated versions of modern jazz standards. Suzanna Smith, who sings an arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s Blue on the first CD, frequently joins the group for jazzified versions of songs from such disparate artists as Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, and Bjork, as well as original arrangements of jazz standards.

The band's second recording, Back Up Over, was released in September 2010. This CD features new mind-and-meter bending compositions in addition to three covers: Suzanna sings on Bjork's "The Anchor Song" and Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man", the latter of which also marks Ken's recording début on Greek bouzouki. The CD wraps up with the Camerounian grooves of Etienne Mbappé's "Djanéa". Check out the "listen" tab to hear some tunes, or the "recordings" tabs to get your own copy of the music.

In 2014 the trio released a new CD, aptly titled "Keepin' it Going." The playing and the compositions on this one reflect the time the group has spent working together and the continuing evolution of their sound. It moves fluidly from the funk inflected opening track to the fast samba of the closer, passing through swing, odd metered grooves, African influences and out-and-out fusion on the way. Check out the "audio" tab above for samples, or the "recordings" tab for a link to CD Baby. This release has been well received and has been featured on KCSM radio. Check out the "press" tab above to read some reviews.

The band has regular shows at Mr. Tipple's, Jupiter, Albatross Pub, and the The Cigar Bar. Please see the "shows" tab for upcoming performances at these and other venues.